Choose proofreading when your publisher-ready document needs one last layer of polish. Proofreading ensures that no typos or other errors slip through.

Copy editing

Allow us to tweak your grammar, turn jargon into plain English, make passive writing active, and check your numbers and facts — all without changing your meaning.


We will revise your document to improve organization, identify errors, tighten the writing, eliminate repetition, and generally improve readability.


Let us create your project from the ground up. Just describe your audience, your message, and your desired content format and provide any source material. We’ll take it from there.

Strive for Perfection

It makes a difference

Clear, accurate writing reflects clear, accurate thinking. Consciously or not, readers recognize and respect a clean, professional-looking document. A single typo or a misplaced apostrophe draws attention away from what you’re saying. The more mistakes your content contains, the weaker your message becomes.

Blue Hills Editorial Services makes your document conform to the highest standards of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and editorial style. Professionally polished language lends authority to your content by demonstrating attention to detail.


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Every project we accept is unique. Use our contact form to explain what you need and ask for a free, no-obligation quote. No salesperson will pester you and you won’t receive spam.

Quality gives you an edge

Whether you are a marketer looking for print or online custom content, a business owner preparing an annual report, or an author preparing to submit a book manuscript to a publisher, your audience will take you more seriously if you show attention to detail.

Blue Hills Editorial Services obsesses over the details of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style so that you don’t have to. Our time is a worthwhile investment for:

  • Marketing professionals
  • Custom content developers
  • Business owners
  • Book authors
  • Website owners
  • Magazine editors
  • Professors and doctoral candidates
  • Anybody else who writes to impress

Who we are


After writing and editing all manner of materials for ourselves, various employers, friends, and family for decades, this husband-and-wife team decided in 2017 to turn it into a formal business. We’re a home-based, American mom-and-pop small business in Braintree, Massachusetts. The Blue Hills separate us from Boston.  

Blue Hills Editorial Services is a subsidiary of Kraken Enterprises, Inc., which we formed in 2005.

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